The current project is comprised of activities aiming at promotion of a sustainable recreational lifestyle among the youth through cross-border cooperation (seminars, events), extension of the capacity of the local agents (exploration of their skills and talents) in order be more competitive in the labor market and thus to reach high level of personal and societal realization. It aims to assist the creation a resilient community, able to cope with challenges of common interest and of possession of the necessary tools for provision of smart, sustainable and effective responses to the issues of regional, national and translational importance.

Meet our target groups:

Young athletes in sports clubs and school sport.

Young people in associations.

Youth and children in primary and secondary schools.

Citizens of Chiprovtsi and Boljevac and the cross-border region as a whole.

Meet our beneficiaries

Lead Partner
Lead PartnerMunicipality of Boljevac
Municipality of Boljevac, located in Eastern Serbia, has Business Friendly Certification by the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), which has proven the readiness and capacity of the municipality, as well as has shown that Boljevac has a strategy and is committed to improve the business environment and to incentivize local economic development.
The municipality has been designated as an ecological municipality 25 years ago, and has been attracting more investments in the past few years. The municipal administration has been permanently working on improving the quality of life for its citizens through the realization of projects that would resolve infrastructural problems, including water supply system, roads, and public lighting.
Municipality of Boljevac has been a long-standing partner of municipalities in Bulgaria. These projects were focusing mostly on agriculture and tourism, two great potentials for this municipality.
With the current project, the Municipality aims to solidify its efforts toward its youth citizens and to ensure them better opportunities for learning, sport and exchange of experience with their Bulgarian peers.
Project Partner 2
Project Partner 2Secondary school “Petar Parchevich”, Chiprovtsi
Secondary school “Petar Parchevich” is the first secular school in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1624 by Bishop Ilia Marinov as a grammar school and during the years its existence was repeatedly challenged. At present, the school is a center for preserving Bulgarian identity and at the same time an active driver of history and culture, offering an attractive learning environment: all rooms are adapted for the specific subject, there is a computer room, a gym and a library. At the same time, specialized training in carpet-making is being carried out – a craft that shapes the identity of Chiprovtsi to this day.
Petar Parchevich Primary School has always been a pride for teachers, students and parents. A school where every teacher strives to achieve the best they are capable of and that preserves the memory and mission of the first school in Bulgaria – the Chiprovtsi one.
However, in recent years, as a result of the decline in the number of students and financial support for the school, the condition of the building stock and its adjacent grounds are in poor physical condition. This is why this project is so important: it will improve the conditions for sport, learning and leisure for students, and will positively impact the learning process through joint cross-border initiatives.

Project Events

Published on: 22.11.2019

Joint Seminar “Europe and we (don’t) know it”

The aim of the seminar was to gather young people from both sides of the border and to give them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European project. It was focused on several basic points: history and shared values, integration processes, policies, citizenship rights and main challenges with the objective of forming a fair and thorough image of the Union.  The seminar importance was defined by the deficit of primary knowledge among the youth (but not only) about the European affairs and about the history of the region they inhabit thus compromising the ability of active citizenship.

Asa result, 24 youngsters from Bulgaria and Serbia had the opportunity to learn more about the EU – its history, policies, values.🇪🇺 Furthermore, important information regarding the membership of Bulgaria #13yearsofmembership to the European Union and the enlargement process #westernBalkans was presented by experienced lecturers.

Dates of the event: from 13.12.2019 till 16.12.2019 (“Kiprovets” Hotel in Chiprovtsi)

Published on: 03.07.2020

Live responsibly: The benefits of sport (seminar for parents)

The current activity aims at presenting the parents from Chiprovtsi and Boljevac with the many not sufficiently explored advantages of sports and  logistical information on the topic – types of activities practiced in the CBC region, time, duration and place, process of participation and etc. which is estimated to contribute to a tangible raise of the level of youngsters involved in relevant kind of physical activities. It will be realized in the form of seminars (one in Boljevac and one in Chiprovtzi) with parents from the region (15 from Boljevac and 15 from Chiprovtzi) and will last one day.

Dates of the event: 08.07.2020 at 17:00 h (“Zanimalnya” Hall at the School)

Published on: 28.07.2020

Change in the dates!

Campaign “Be Healthy “ – Chiprovtzi and Campaign “Be Healthy “ – Boljevac

The campaign is directed towards practical introduction of the young people of Chiprovtzi and Boljevac with the various benefits of sport as they will be invited to participate in different open recreational events that are estimated to: (i) improve their physical spirit and general health condition (ii) enhance and widen their social relations with peers (iii)stimulate their desire for self-development. The activity will be comprised of 3 specialized modules – covering the various interests of the youth, each lasting one month with frequency of 1 time per week (1 month = 4 events):

  • Run and learn: the current module will present the participants will opportunities for involvement of dynamic physical activities – for example aerobics, with experienced trainer who will work simultaneously on their skills and motivations;
  • Walk and explore: the current module will allow every youngster with interest towards the natural heritage to spent some quality time exploring the local environment while improving his/her general physical condition and meet new people with similar passions.
  • In search for balance: the last module’s objective is to involve the youngsters in tranquil activities –for ex. yoga, in contrast to the established dynamical daily routine thus strengthening their cognitive health and improving their mind-body balance.

Dates of the campaigns:

  • Modul “Run and learn” – start from 18.08.2020 till 20.08.2020 and on 26.08.2020 (16:30 at the Chiprovtsi Stadium)
  • Modul “Walk and explore” – start from 21.08.2020 till 25.08.220 and on 27.08.2020 (10:30 at the School)
  • Modul “In search for balance” – start from 11.08.2020 till 14.08.2020 (16:30 at the Chiprovtsi Stadium)

Published on: 16.09.2020

Run faster than your fears – marathone

The activity explores the potential of the marathon as a tool for continuous stimulation and persistence of the efforts; running a distance with no or little training can be exhausting so a need for regularity of exercises becomes evident to the youngsters with participatory interest. The theme of the marathon will be the importance of mental health as one of the proven ways to maintain strong cognitive vitality is an active and sustainable lifestyle comprised of constructive social interaction and regular physical activity – both integral components of the underlying nature of a marathon. It will be realized in the cities Chiprovtsi and Boljevac; however youngsters from the whole cross-border region will be welcomed. The marathon will last one day-preferably Sunday, as the target distance the participants will have to meet is 5 km. After the successful finish each of the participants will receive a document of affirmation/certificate honoring his/her efforts for the common cause.

Dates of the event: 26.09.2020 at 10:00 h (starting point The Bridge at the end of the Chiprovtsi directing Goushovski Manastir)